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Types of Cases We Handle

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Been involved in a car wreck? Whether it's a low impact "fender bender" or a high impact collision, insurance companies will avoid trying to pay & downplay your injuries.  Rather than taking on teams of adjusters  & defense attorneys alone

 #BetterCallBadeaux to ensure you get the treatment and compensation you deserve.


18 Wheeler Collisions

Big rigs often drive like they own the roads.  Problem is their insurance carriers often downplay their negligence and your injuries.  If you've been hit by a company truck or 18 Wheeler,


#BetterCallBadeaux to protect your rights and injury claim.


Motorcycle Crashes

Driving a motorcycle requires a heightened sense of skill and awareness because most motorcycle wrecks occur due to other drivers being unaware or unsure of how to share the roads with bikers.  These crashes usually lead to severe injuries due to ejection or lack of protection for the drivers. 


 If your rights aren't respected by another motorist, #BetterCallBadeaux to handle your motorcycle claim.



Injuries that occur offshore can be life-altering due to the nature of the work and risks involved.  Often times your employers are as unforgiving as the seas.  


If you or a loved one have been injured offshore, #BetterCallBadeaux to fight for your rights!


Maritime & Jones Act

The Jones Act provides specific protection for offshore workers and seamen for injuries resulting from their employers' negligence.  


#BetterCallBadeaux to ensure your medical bills and lost wages are covered under maritime law as well as a ny general damages you are entitled to.


Traffic Tickets

Having to deal with a traffic ticket can be a very stressful and frustrating experience.  We offer clients peace of mind by handling all the details surrounding your traffic ticket issues.  Attempting to take care of a ticket on your own can be confusing and very time-consuming.


#BetterCallBadeaux to let us turn your ticket problem into our problem by defending/dismissing your speeding and traffic tickets!



​Personal injuries caused by the negligence of another can be caused in a variety of ways.  They can also cause extreme hardship, stress, and financial difficulty when trying to handle them on your own.  


#BetterCallBadeaux to help you pursue all available remedies for your physical, emotional, and financial harm caused by the injury.


Wrongful Deaths

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences in life.  That experienced only gets worse if the death was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or company.  


#BetterCallBadeaux to discuss all possible claims surviving family members may be entitled to in order to help alleviate newfound financial difficulty associated with the loss of a spouse or relative


DWI/DUI Charges

A DWI conviction is a very serious offense.  It is a highly technical crime and the consequences of being found guilty can have a tremendous impact on your life both professionally and financially.  If you've been arrested for DWI,



#BetterCallBadeaux to have your rights protected rather than bargained away at trial.  Let us fight for you to try to get these serious charges reduced or possibly off your record entirely.

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