Why Should You Call Badeaux?

Why Should you
Call Badeaux?

Here's why

From the moment you are injured in a car wreck or offshore incident, you are faced with many questions and uncertainties:

  • How will I get the treatment I need? 

  • How will I pay for my bills? 

  • How long will this claim or case last?

  • Who will be responsible for my damages?

  • How will my family survive if I can't go back to work?


Those will usually be the first things to cross your mind.  Another likely question you will ask yourself or family members is:  Do I really want or need to hire a lawyer?  The short answer to that question should be YES.  As for all of the other previously mentioned questions and any others you may have, we can help you throughout the entire process.  


The Law Office of Tommy J. Badeaux was started due to our first-hand understanding of what clients need from their personal injury attorney throughout the entire claim process.  We know everything that our injured clients are going through because we have been there and experienced the uncertainty, worrying, and pain and suffering, that begins almost immediately after you are injured.  We know that both the injury itself, as well as the stress that you and your loved ones endure as a result are some of the most trying times in a person's life.  That is why we pride ourself on being there for our clients in their time of need.  We make sure that you get the highest quality medical care that you deserve and also that you are rewarded the top compensation that you deserve for your physical and mental damages.

At our firm, we don't believe in the term "car accident."  That's because all motor vehicle collisions(MVCs) or car wrecks are caused by someone's negligence.  Whether it is a driver running a red light, speeding, texting while driving, or simply just not paying attention to traffic, that driver's direct actions (or inactions) are responsible for the crash itself along with your damages and injuries as a result.  This is often why the entire claim process can be frustrating from the start because insurance adjusters try to paint the MVC as an "accident" to avoid paying out your property damage or getting you a rental vehicle.  This process only gets worse when you are injured because then insurance companies employ teams of adjusters, investigators, and defense attorneys all working against you in an attempt to minimize your 

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